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What do property managers do?

Responsible for managing rent (setting rent, collecting rent, adjusting rent)
Responsible for managing tenants ( finding tenants, screening tenants, handling leases, handling complaints/emergencies, handling move outs/evictions)
Maintenance repairs
Knowledge of tenant/landlord laws
Supervising responsibilities (overseeing vacant properties)
Responsible for maintaining budgets & records
Responsible for taxes (sending out 1099s to appropriate vendors)

How will you find tenants for my property?

Zumper, Zillow, Trulia, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Apartments.com, our website, Craigslist, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Hotpads, Vast, Rentals.com, Rental Home Professionals, My New Place, PM Locator, etc

How do property inspections work?

For Property Management??? We arrange a time with the tenant a day prior to the inspection. We take pictures of the property and make notes of any damage or anything we find out of the ordinary. We then upload all pictures and information into the portal for the owner's viewing

How do I know I found a reputable property management company?

Make sure they are licensed, make sure they are experienced, check referrals, and reviews.

What are the first steps to buying a home ?

Getting pre-approved through a lender. Setting a budget. Search for homes. Shop insurances. Make an offer. Home Inspection. Appraisal. Title work.

Who should do my home inspection?

For Real Estate??? A licensed home inspector with the state of Louisiana.