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Jagneaux Property Management focuses on helping property owners maximize their real estate income potential and help real estate owners realize the full potential of their investments and help accelerate growth.

Jagneaux Property Management is thrilled to be a part of the Propertyware family! Propertyware provides easy-to-use, cloud-based property management software solutions to ensure operational efficiency. Owners can keep up with their investment from anywhere in the world by a click of a button, and tenants can make payment and maintenance requests from anywhere in the world with a click of a button.

Our success is driven by a diverse, hardworking, and incredibly amazing team, and we feel privileged to work with each of our clients and providing them with superior customer service.

Services our company offers:

(1.) Deposit in and withdraw from any banks or financial institutions any and all funds, notes, certificates and financial instruments for account of Owner.

(2.) Advertise the property using rental signs and free internet sites

(3.) Lease any or all property referenced above at Agent's sole discretion and to receive and collect any and all rent, sums or income produced by said property.

(4.) Execute lease of said property or properties on behalf of Owner, any documents or agreements necessary to accomplish the foregoing, containing such terms as Agent in Agent's sole discretion deems advisable, including provisions on the terms and consideration for said leases.

(5.) Make all necessary repairs and/or alterations, oversee the repairs and/or alterations, and all other things necessary to maintain property.

(6.) Maintain books and records of all receipts, income and payments pertaining to the property which shall be available to Owner for inspection online.

(7.) Appear before all courts of law on Owner's behalf, and/or employ legal or financial counsel for all purposes including but not limited to the collection of rents and the eviction of tenants and further to compromise or refer to arbitration any claims (whether asserted judicially or not) of Owner.

For more information on ways we can manage your property, contact our office to schedule a meeting.